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EMCC Acreditation achieved!

Delighted to just have received confirmation that I have been accredited by EMCC Global as a Senior Practitioner Coach. Coaching has been transformational to me, personally and professionally and I have worked with hundreds of great colleagues training them how to coach and delighting in seeing them taking their first steps in this powerful developmental area. I must thank some folks who've enabled this path for me: Sally Holland being someone who suggested I should meet up with Go MAD Thinking as I'd REALLY like their stuff! Nailed that Sally; Andy Gilbert who has mentored and supported my development as a Coach and Solution Focused Thinker, including encouraging me to undertake two post graduate level qualifications (hindering thoughts on my academical ability GONE!) and offering guidance as I launched my own business; Joanna Ruffle being the fantastic boss who supported me throughout my times of greatest growth & challenge; plus all those great team members Jan Richardson, Michelle Collins & more who've supported me, my clients, commissioners and all the willing 'guinea pigs' who have at some stage, 'let me into their heads' To work with them all on achieving their dreams, exploring their hopes and overcoming their fears has been a privilege and taught me so much. Now to focus on #teamcoaching! #emcc #coaching #cpdaccredited #inspiring

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