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What's working with Neil really like? 

Programme Mgr. & Parliamentary candidate

"Neil is an inspirational leader, bringing creativity and innovation to all of his projects.


Neil has the ability to engage and enthuse others and brings enormous positivity and energy to his work. I cherish opportunities to work with Neil as not only does he deliver high quality pieces of work and brings out the best in project teams, you can guarantee that an opportunity to work alongside Neil is an opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

NK on the pier 2017_edited.jpg
I.C.T. Consultant


"Neil has a naturally enthusiastic and positive personality, he has the ability to pass on that enthusiasm in order to engage and encourage others.


Would recommend Neil as a presenter, organiser or facilitator without hesitation."

NK PPMA winner 2017.jpg
NK at PPMA 2018 Robotics workshop table
Business Improvement & Procurement

"Sessions with Neil are always interactive he involves everyone and encourages participation. 


Have been very impressed with Neil’s energy, enthusiasm and drive and commitmentespecially demonstrated in his leadership of the Culture Change Programme.


Which has shown proven success at transformation – breaking down barriers between teams, individual and making us all operate as ‘one organisation’."

NK TJ article.jpg
Innovation Director


"Neil has excellent vision and is able to grasp complex ideas and think 'outside the box'.


Neil is a good presenter and trainer and can enable individuals to explore and enhance their own skills for work.


I am pleased to recommend him." 

M.D. & Owner Go MAD Thinking Ltd.


"Neil cares passionately about enabling people to make a difference and creating value within an organisation.


He is a skilled coach and facilitator with an eye for adding benefit for whoever he works with.


He's also a great guy to be around."

NK facilitating hi res_edited.jpg
Transformation S.W. Manager

"Neil in his words and actions supported the organisation and staff to develop the vision and required capacity to deliver it.


He encouraged myself and others to get involved in the programmes and in turn develop our skills.


He offered the right amount of support but also challenge to create some creative friction to help us progress with our work." 

NK feedback leadership session 26 Oct 16
Policy Manager


“Neil is an experienced facilitator and coach whose enthusiasm has made a positive difference to Southend Borough Council.


Playing a key role in the cultural change of the organisation over the last 6 years - he's got some great stories about some interesting holiday experiences too!”

Go MAD coaching set up2.jpg
Senior Manager


"Neil was one of the most well motivated and passionate people I have had the pleasure to work with.


His example was inspirational and very difficult to follow.


The work Neil led at Southend was transformational for me and many colleagues and something I have drawn heavily on subsequently.


Neil's skills are transferrable and his ability to generate enthusiasm and bring people together cannot be underestimated."

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