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How I can help
NK feedback leadership session 26 Oct 16

Whether it's as 1-2-1 coach​, leading a group session, as a conference facilitator or speaker, or leading a programme of events I bring energy, passion and enthusiasm to my work, whatever the approach.

I have delivered a very wide range of differing interventions using a number of differing 'channels'/methods including: actors, robots (!), 'gamification', e-learning, audience participation systems and video. My sessions are highly participative, energised and engaging.


With session formats covering presentations, briefings, interactive 'inquiry' or action planning workshops, as full day conferences or multi day training programmes, I can adapt to your goals/intended outcomes. I have delivered short term projects up to five year, all organisation, multi-channelled cultural change programmes.

I can assist within a number of strategic performance areas, where organisations often require help, such as:


  • Aligning your culture to new challenges.

  • Supporting transformational change with creative solutions.

  • Maximising employee engagement.

  • Management & leadership development.

  • Recognition, appreciation and feedback.

  • Increasing creativity, enthusiasm and commitment.



I am experienced in a number of other OD tools, disciplines or skills including:


  • Action learning (A.L.) facilitating and launching AL sets.

  • Insights 'colour profiling tool' I am very familiar with this tool and the benefits it can bring.

  • Appreciative inquiry - identifying what adds energy to a situation, when we work at our best.

  • Systems thinking and systems leadership.

  • The 21st Century Public Servant research/model. 

I've commissioned a wide range of innovative interventions utilising forum theatre, E-Learning, video and technology, I'm always seeking to work with innovative partners who can add genuine value. Want me to complement your existing teams and bring some additional capacity, happy to help!


I strongly value partnership working and collaboration and through a variety of professional networks that I maintain would be happy to introduce you to other associates, if I feel they could support your needs better than I.

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