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UK Fire & Rescue: Choosing the best 360 Leadership Feedback tool

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Are you considering a Leadership 360° feedback tool for your Fire Service leaders?

Would you like to hear about a transformational leadership 360° tool that I've used for over 10 years, with excellent results?

I am offering a choice of complimentary webinar dates to senior professionals in UK Fire Services who may be considering which Leadership 360° feedback tool may benefit their service most. The webinar will reveal:

  • A 360° feedback model that supports the NFCC Leadership framework and behaviours.

  • The 360° tool used by a UK Fire Service for 4 years to develop their leaders with real impact.

  • How it supports modern, inclusive leadership behaviours, enables cultural change & more.

  • Its scientifically researched & independently validated background - it's robust.

  • It's a UK leadership model developed from a diverse/inclusive range of real UK leaders.

  • Providing detailed, specific feedback on the behaviours that engage people to be their best at work.

  • Can improve team performance, reduce stress & support wellbeing.

"It's quite a list isn't it? From first being asked to research suitable 360° leadership tools on the market in 2011, I discovered the decades of academic study that originated this leadership model.

Leading the People & OD function in a high performing organisation I wanted to secure a 360° degree feedback tool to help my senior leadership colleagues be the very best that they could be. To take us to the next level was my goal.

I chose & commissioned the TLQ 360° from Real World Group for my organisations senior leaders who were later recognised as Local Government’s ‘Senior Leadership Team of the year’. It helped deliver employee engagement acknowledged (by an external assessor/CEO) as being 'some of the best in the UK'.

I completed this tool myself - receiving and responding to the challenge of evolving my own leadership behaviours, using this model to improve the way that I led. I ultimately became a licenced and accredited partner of Real World Group Ltd. and since launching my own consultancy in 2018 I've been using their TLQ 360° tool to develop hundreds of leaders, including 60+ senior Fire Service Leaders from one of the UK’s largest fire services."

Neil Keeler - 'Chief Inspiring Officer!'

In these webinars hosted by award winning Organisational Development (OD) professional Neil Keeler, you will hear how he has been working with this tool for over 10 years. Neil has a track record of transforming organisational performance & was part of the team who transformed a council labelled as ‘failing’ into winning ‘UK Council of the Year’.

Neil’s unique experience of evaluating this model, then commissioning and applying it (with excellent results!), including completing it himself and now, helping others to benefit from experiencing it, means he can share his unique experience of how it can help your service. You will learn from attending:

  • Why Neil chose this tool, what really appealed about the research it’s built from?

  • The specific behaviours leaders must focus on – it’s not about ‘personality’ or 'pseudo-science'.

  • Why leaders need a 360° feedback approach to encourage/support them to change.

  • Why some 360° feedback approaches can actually deter leaders changing!

  • How this tool can energise employee engagement & identify those most in need of support.

  • The process, approach & ethos that Neil will suggest, make this tool unique.

This Teams webinar is specifically aimed at:

  • Chief Fire Officers/CEOs &/or other Senior Leadership Team members

  • Heads of People & Performance functions

  • Fire Service Learning & Deveolopment commissioners

  • OD or transformational change colleagues in fire services

If you are interested in commissioning a 360° Leadership tool for your fire service that works, then this webinar will be very helpful! I'm offering a choice of three dates & times to suit you:

Thursday 20th July 10.30 – 11.30 or

Monday 24th July 13.30 – 14.30 or

Wednesday 26th July 16.30 – 17.30

Contact me to confirm which session you prefer to receive your exclusive Teams invite.

Or, text/call: 07854 830385

Or, message me on LinkedIn or other messaging app.

Looking forward to meeting you, sharing tips on how this tool can transform performance,, discussing leadership, answering questions and hearing what your fire service's challenges are.

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