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Think 1% really isn't much?

If I said to you a 1% gain could totally transform your performance you would probably laugh.

Doesn't seem much does it?

If you started the year on the 1st of January able to generate 100 items in a normal days work and were able to make a 1% increment in that output, every day, the results are astonishing.

By the 11th of March you would have doubled your output, by 21st April your daily output would be 300 items. Yes 300!

Now for the real pragmatists I accept the law of diminishing returns comes into play at some point, otherwise every record would eventually always be beaten down to 0 seconds.

My point is that small incremental change, done daily, can bring massive benefits.

Whether I am coaching an individual looking to make that critical first step or working, as I was recently, at an event with 120 employees don't underestimate the power of 'glacial change'.

This is especially true of large organisations.

Every worker achieving a 1% increment in efficiency or effectiveness adds a glacier like push to improvement, determined, forceful and unified it does become unstoppable.

Rarely visible to the watching eye, delivered by hundreds or thousands of employees that 1% multiplier can move mountains.

By December 31st the output would be 3,778 - hope I got the maths right - small & daily really adds up!!

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