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Let's end 'the talk'

Had this sent to me by an inspirational man called Rob Neil OBE - we trained together as coaches and for a few days shared some experiences from each others lives as we learned how to delve deeper into beliefs, phrasing questions & clarifying goals.

He went on to head up the Civil Services BAME group and is a leading national speaker on inclusion, race and equality. I often hear people (white people) declaring things like 'well there isn't racism anymore' or 'people don't behave like that now' yet inequality is still clearly experienced by people of different colours to 'white'.

Unconscious bias can be a much more subtle form of racism, it's covert, subtle and illusory, especially to the person delivering - the clue is in the description after all.

If you are white and grew up never having have to experience 'this talk' (<<<click the link for a powerful & short video) then understand you have privilege, have always had privilege and many others have experienced a talk like this - have not.

Follow Rob and support your colleagues for fairer and more inclusive workplaces for everyone & find out more about unsconscious bias here.

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