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Inspiring Coaching!

(Reposted from original running on Linked in…/urn:li:activity:6517378438444261… )

I am delighted to confirm I will be offering Go MAD Thinking's fantastic and award winning coaching content (using the Go M.A.D. Results ® Framework) back in Essex, with the first programme being delivered here at the Stock Brook Country Club.

If you previously completed one of our SBC Go MAD coaching programmes (that's at least 150+ of you out there) and feel a colleague might really appreciate this development, just tag them in the comments below and say why you think they might like it / what you got from it.

All those tagged with a supporting comment will receive £100 off their 1st booking with me. I won't spam or hassle them! I'll put an example below to get us started...

Only one nominee per Go MAD coach please & this offer will cease on April 15th!Finalising details and dates which will be confirmed and shared next week.

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