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Blogging tips?

As someone completely new to blogging what tips would you share with me for this blog?

Be relevant to the site, inform, hopefully excite and interest, like to bring some new insight to get you thinking and inspire some OD in your organisation (even if you think you are 'not really an OD professional').

As my video says I am fascinated how engagement, culture, leadership and the need to change all interact.

They are at the heart of every 'organisation', in every sector - so I aim to keep some links to those in all of this.

Plus a few reflections of my own on the lighter side to organisations and life more generally!

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Welcome to my blog

Hope you will find something here to really get you thinking. Topics will be on any of my passions: Organisational Development, Leadership, Employee Engagement, Culture Change, Organisational Improvement and Transformation are the key themes.  

If you have a topic or suggestion for a blog, or maybe you'd like to do a guest spot on here (!) drop me a line. I'd also like to share some of my experiences in moving from 32 years of working in the public sector to starting my own business!

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